ASK ANA – Color Changing Nail Polish

COLOR CHANGING NAIL POLISH Color Changing Nail Polish We all love color changing nail polish, but have you ever experienced your normal nail polish changing color over several days? In this article, I’ll answer Why a polish can change colors. Why acetone is your friend. How to test whether it’s the polish, the base coat […]

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Washing Hands Before Polish

In this article, you’ll learn How long to wait to do a manicure after washing your hands. How to clean the nail plate before applying polish. ASK ANA Hello, I was just wondering, I know that you say don’t apply nail polish about an hour after having your nails in water, but is having a […]

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Healthy Nails – The Effect of Stress

HEALTHY NAILS Some are born with naturally beautiful nails and hands that just seem to stay picture perfect. For many others (myself included) growing and maintaining healthy nails can be a challenge at times. Did you know that there are two kinds of stress that can affect the health of your nails? In this Ask […]

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Nail Biting – Using Science To Quit

NAIL BITING Nail Biting – Can Science Help Us Quit? “Do you have any habits like nail/pen/pencil/cheek/lip biting, resting your head on your hand, or habitual gum chewing?” Researching and writing this nail biting article made my eyes go a little cross-eyed. Let me correct that—A LOT cross-eyed. In this article, we are going to take […]

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The Russian Manicure – Is It Dangerous?

RUSSIAN MANICURE Excerpt from Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon, Volume II Available on Amazon and iTunes- July 2017 In this article, I’ll explain what a Russian Manicure is and why you never want one if your nail professional doesn’t have the correct training and appropriate license. Since knowledge is power, I’ll also give you tips to […]

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